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Tips for Getting Best Results in Hair Transplant Treatment

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A majority of the Indian population suffering from the problem of hair loss would like to know about permanent solutions. Hair transplant remain to be one of the best and most effective solutions for permanent hair loss. However, the impact generated post hair transplant surgery for most of the patients vary. Post-surgery impacts depend on a lot of underlying factors as well.

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What are the major risks involved in hair transplantation process?

Hair care experts reveal that, there are several risks which are associated with hair transplantation on the whole. But at the same time, you do not need to worry on the first go. This is because India remains to be a hub for medical tourism and the industry related to hair transplantation offer convenient choices within a stringent budget. The risks associated can be enumerated as:

  1. Deterioration of general health condition of the patient. This happens because the process of hair transplantation is minimally invasive which requires consumption of certain medicines. This can take a toll on the patient’s health system.
  2. Technology of operation remains to be an important factor which can influence the process of recovery. Follicular Unit Transplantation remains to be preferably suitable if you are looking towards a faster recovery
  3. Chronic diseases can have a great impact. For patients suffering from chronic health conditions are likely to suffer while the recovery process post-surgery happens to be slower.

What are the tips and techniques for a better impact post-surgery?

There are several tips given by hair care experts in order to have a great impact after the hair transplantation had taken place. Some of them are as mentioned below:

  1. Choosing the right kind of treatment. This requires a thorough research. If you are not willing to undertake the surgery, you can choose alternative options.
  2. Plasma Replacement therapy (PRP) may be considered to have a great impact. This does not involve surgical removal of healthy hair follicles from the donor area and transplantation in the recipient area.
  3. Choosing the best clinic in your locality remains to be worthy of the process. Trichologists can be consulted prior to the operation in order to have a thorough understanding of the process.
  4. Following a post-operative healthcare regime works out wonders for patients.
  5. Frontal hair loss can be redressed first to generate a lesser impact of the surgical process.
  6. A thorough medical examination is suggested prior to the surgery.
  7. Ensuring a healthy and a regular diet is most often recommended in order to have a good impact
  8. Keeping your expectations low shall help you to regain your confidence after the process is conducted.
  9. Taking enough rest is required post-surgery in order to get positive results
  10. Get rid of smoking and drinking if you look forward to a permanent solution for continuous hair loss
  11. Follow up with the surgeon immediately after surgery in order to redress specific issues and chalenges associated.


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