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How Can You Identify that Who is the Right Candidate for Hair Transplantation?


Natural hair fall remains to be a common phenomenon with most of the adults as well as the young-aged adults in India. However, excessive loss of hair can lead to bald patches on your scalp. But permanent loss of hair can be traumatic for most of us especially when it occurs at a young age. Actually there is nothing to worry since permanent loss of hair can be addressed through hair transplantation.

Permanent Hair Loss in adults: What are the related factors and symptoms?

When we talk about permanent loss of healthy hair follicles, there is a very few who actually know what permanent hairless relates to. Very often it so happens that we lose hair follicles continuously but we do not heed such a symptom. Permanent hair loss can be identified through the following signs precisely:

  1. Continuous hair fall irrespective of age, gender or any other external factors
  2. No regrowth of hair i.e. hairs do not grow back in the same area where loss had occurred
  3. An increasing area of baldness on the scalp.
  4. Loss of hair continues in spite of applying chemicals such as oils or shampoos which come with a promise of augmenting hair growth
  5. Continuous loss of hair happens irrespective of any identified factor

Doctors when consulted can give you a clear understanding on the process of permanent loss of hair. As a matter of fact qualified trichologists can make you understand the intensity of hair loss so that you can address the problem with a feasible solution.

What are the natural solutions that are suggested for addressing permanent loss of hair?

Most of the hair care experts suggest that there is nothing to worry if you identify permanent hair loss. First and foremost trichologists say that there is nothing to panic. One should try out natural remedies first. The most important action plan includes an immediate change in diet. Include high quality protein intake and reduce carbohydrate consumption. Boiled or poached eggs can help in regrowing your hair. Take care of your scalp as well. Regularly oil your scalp before you go for shampooing your hair.

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When should you take a final decision on hair transplantation?

The decision for transplantation of hair remains to be final when there are no other options left to control continuous loss of hair. Hair transplantation remains to be expensive and therefore you need to plan your finances in advance. The decision entails that you do thorough research on identifying a good doctor as well as a good clinic. This will help you to gain confidence. Risks should be minimised as the process remains to be minimally invasive. Therefore, take no chances. Doctors suggest that you go for certain medical examinations before you decide to go for hair transplantation.

What are the factors that you should consider before going for a hair transplantation process?

  1. The natural volume of hair that exists on your scalp even when continuous loss of hair takes place from the recipient area.
  2. Whether hair transplantation can be done from donor areas related to your scalp i.e. whether you have sufficient hair growth in other parts of your body or for that matter of fact, the scalp itself.
  3. The texture of one’s hair can decide on the final impact of hair transplantation process.
  4. Right causes for continuous hair loss needs to be identified in priority
  5. Age and intensity of hair loss. If you are quite aged doctors sometimes do not perform the surgery.
  6. Above all, a hair transplantation process requires medical fitness. Therefore if you are suffering from chronic diseases then it must be avoided.

Therefore, the decision for hair transplantation requires a careful observation of your health and other necessary conditions which determine the possibility of a smooth operation. This in turn helps you to gain a positive impact post-surgery.


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