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How to Beat Hair Loss Forever? Hair Loss Guide 2018

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While talking about the permanent treatment of hair loss issue, the first question that comes in mind that is there really a cure or Does a cure really exist? Using the word ‘cure’ is not really an appropriate description of how hair loss works. Male and female pattern baldness or commonly known as androgenetic alopecia is not a disease. Therefore, looking for a ‘cure’ is not really the right way to think about it. In this article, we are going to discuss every single available treatment that is even worth considering as a cure.

The real facts behind Pattern Hair Loss:

Interesting fact about androgenic alopecia is that it is practically non-existent in stable indigenous populations. Research shows that male pattern baldness is a lot more common in Western countries like UK, Australia and is less common phenomenon in Asia, Africa and Central and South America. This suggests that, environment plays a crucial role in loss of your hair apart from your genes. This mean gene that are under a certain environment are more susceptible to pattern baldness.


Let’s first understand what the real causes of hair loss are. Hair follicle miniaturization is a process in which a hormone called DHT attacks the hair follicles, slowly causing them to wither and die. Thus, when the follicle becomes too small, it finally falls out and doesn’t grow back. Men who are born with low levels of DHT never go bald.

How to beat Your Hair Loss forever?

Below are the lists of methods divided into 3 different parts: –

  • The conventional methods
  • Thebreakthrough methods
  • The proven naturalmethods

A. The Conventional methods of Hair Loss Cures:

Below we will discuss about three conventional methods of curing alopecia or pattern baldness.

  • Minoxidil or Rogaine

Minoxidil is a popular drug which is used to counter hair loss treatment. it reverses the process of hair follicle miniaturization. The effect of this treatment generally takes around 4-6 months’ time to be noticed. But you must keep in mind that once you stop to consume the drug, the results will also be ceased.  You may undergo a number of side effects like itching, rash, change in hair colour, dark circles under the eyes etc.

  • Finasteride or Propecia

Finasteride  is also a type of drug which is similar to Minoxidil. It helps to regenerate hair growth. However, just like Minoxdil, the results cease as soon as you stop the treatment. However, remember that the treatment has a number of unpleasant and irreversible side effects like sexual dysfunction, fatigue, anxiety and depression.

3.0 Hair Transplant

hair transplants surgery is a popular option for a number of individuals suffering from male pattern baldness or other hair loss types. The hair transplant process can be divided into two steps-

1) Hair-bearing follicles are removed from an ‘donor area’ of the scalp.

2) The removed follicles and hair are then grafted onto the ‘recipient site’.


The main thing to point out that while the surgery can cover areas of the scalp that have been affected by baldness, they cannot stop further hair loss. Moreover, you may experience the following side effects after undergoing hair transplant surgery,

  • Post-surgical swelling
  • Haemorrhage
  • Sterile folliculitis
  • Hair thinning
  • Itchiness
  • Numbness

B. The Breakthrough Methods for Hair Loss Cures:

  • RU58841

For years Researchers have been studying on this experimental compound named as RU58841 for the treatment of alopecia. The compound RU58841 is a non-steroid, synthesized one which has anti-androgen properties. Studies showed that fruitful results about the impact of RU58841 on follicular regrowth in monkeys.

  • Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet-rich plasma or PRP technique is becoming more successful among the breakthrough treatment for hair loss. This new treatment is dependent on the blood plasma of the patient. PRP is a type of activator which regenerates hair growth on bald portion of the scalp. PRP enhances blood circulation on the affected area. In this method, some specified amount of blood is collected from patient’s body. This blood then processed for creating PRP.


  • Laser Therapy

Medical science is using laser light for advanced treatment for many years. Science has proved physical, chemical and biological reactions with human tissues. Thus, use of laser light for hair loss or alopecia is a new area of hair transplant treatment. Mainly hair loss due to hereditary issues is more effectively cured by laser treatment. In this method, the laser light activates hair follicles for producing new hair.

  • Hair Cloning

In this procedure of treatment, patient’s hair follicles are taken for multiplication process. The multiplied hair follicles are then grafted on bald area of the scalp. This method of treatment is a promising one male pattern baldness. However, researchers are not yet successful to generate the desired amount of hair follicles. Also, many times newly generated hair follicles fail to create new hair. Also, cost of this treatment is higher compared to other methods.

C. Proven Natural Hair Loss Cures:

 We are discussing below some of the proven natural cure for hair loss,

1.0 Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is more commonly known as micro needling. It is drug-free treatment for hair loss that includes the use of tiny needles. These needles are used in creating tiny puncture wounds in the treated area. However, the wounds should cause no pain or scarring if the treatment is done correctly. This treatment involves three steps:-Inflammation, Proliferation and Maturation or remodelling.

2.0 Essential Oils

There is a recent health trend that considers essential oils as a natural treatment for hair loss. Some of the effective essential oils for hair growth are,

  • Peppermint essential oil
  • Rosemary essential oil
  • Blackcurrant essential oil
  • Evening primrose essential oil
  • Pumpkin seed oil
  • Tea tree oil

3.0 Scalp Massages & Exercises

The hair follicle must have good, strong supply of blood as blood contains the nutritive substances like nutrients, minerals, amino acids and most importantly oxygen. These are used in the process of keratinization. The hair follicle itself will surely die eventually with a low blood supply.


Surely now you have gathered some significant knowledge about the hair loss Cure options in 2018. Lots of research work is also going all over the world. Remember that you will be disappointed if you’re looking for a magical ‘cure’ for your thinning, receding hair. Hair loss is not a natural phenomenon – it is a sign of an imbalance within your body. You’ll also boost your immune system when you beat hair loss naturally.


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