Hair transplant as we know is a surgical technique . Hair transplant has gone a long way due to advancement of modern technologies. It has become a common scenario as both men and women are opting for hair transplant. A great amount of effort is needed for the success of transplant, so that the patient recovers fast after the surgery. Some main reasons for hair transplant.

•REQUIREMENT OF HAIR TRANSPLANT: If you feel lot amount of hair loss and it is leading to baldness.Speak to the concerned specialist who will provide you with the best suggestions and the treatment required for you.

•AGE A HURDLE: Hair loss is common at puberty. If you have hair fall at an age of 20 or 25 you will be treated medically. As hair transplant is done only after the age of 30. The patient’s age also influences the hair transplant pattern.
hair loss by age

•RESULTS ARE NATURAL AFTER TREATMENT: Yes, why not hair transplant can have a natural look when done in the right manner and a skilled surgeon. Thanks to the new advancements and technologies in medical field the results look so natural that not even your hairstylist or barber can notice or tell you‘ve had a transplant.

•EVERLASTING RESULTS ARE ATTAINED: Certainly hair transplant is a permanent solution for baldness. The surgical processes i.e FUE and FUT help you to get permanent hairs as the hair roots are taken from back of the head i.e. the donor area and planted in the bald area i.e. the recipient area . As the hair roots from the donor area are permanent you will never loose them again.

•MEDICATIONS: Hair loss is a common scenario and many of you opt for medications for hair loss . All medicines naturally do have side effects you might even observe hair loss when you stop medications .So the best option would be hair transplant.

•AFFORDABLE COST: Hair transplant is gaining ground in INDIA as many people are opting for it .Mostly hair transplant depends upon the location ,doctor’s experience and the number of grafts to be planted. The cost also varies from patient to patient depending on the number of grafts.

•PROMOTES CONFIDENCE AND SELF RESPECT: Hair build’s up one’s personality but hair loss declines confidence and morale in both men and women. Thanks to new inventions hair transplant surgeries promote confidence and self esteem.

•SPEEDY RECOVERY: As you know that hair transplant is a minimally invasive process .After surgery your scalp may have some swelling or redness,numbness for which the surgeon may prescribe some medicines these symptoms disappear in 2 or 3 days. Mostly some patients join their work the same day ,patients have to follow the instructions given by the surgeon after transplant .

•HAIR TRANSPLANT CURES MIGRAINE: Migraine headache is a neurological disease that affects million of patients around the world due to which productivity suffers. Hair transplant can cure migraine was revealed by a study in TURKEY .After hair transplant patients who were suffering from migraine did not have migraine pain after 1 or 2 years of hair transplant

Hair transplant surgery damages the nerve ending in the the scalp which reduces the pain that triggers migraine. As the surgeon cuts the scalp nerves and sensory tissues are served minimizing signals that trigger migraine pain. As studies have proved that hair transplant and migraine reduction pain are new and minimal, it might be an end to the depleting disease.


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