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​Why Balding Cases on the Rise among Youth?


Balding amongst young adults: An introduction:

Young adults, who are in their twenties especially, are currently suffering from excessive loss of hair. Experts who had been dealing with hair loss have acknowledged that, this remains to be a common trend as far as India is concerned. The causes are manifold and varied. Outcome of hair loss remains to be balding at a young age which can create other personality issues in the long run

Expert hair transplantation surgeons have acknowledged that, repetitive loss of hair amongst young-aged adults tends to persist even after normal treatment. Repetitive loss of hair which gives rise to baldness hence needs to be addressed immediately, before it turns out to be fatal.   

What are the causes and symptoms of repetitive hair loss amongst young aged adults?

Experts, who have dealt with this kind of hair loss earlier, have clearly stated several reasons responsible for such kind of hair loss amongst young aged population. Some reasons have been claimed to be genetic, but trichologists suggest that there are enough cases to make you believe that most of the cases pertaining to loss of hair can be related to non-genetic conditions as well. Experts classify the following reasons which are most often related to loss of hair:

  1. Genetic causes: These are causes which are usually uncontrollable and are carried forward between generations. Premature greying, balding of scalp, as well as fall of hair under extreme conditions are generally understood to be genetic in certain people who do not suffer from chronic diseases or any other such harmful conditions.

  2. Non-Genetic causes: Most of the experts who have dealt with non-genetic causes attributing to excessive hair fall amongst the young-aged adults, have admitted that, stressful lifestyle contributes the maximum towards sufferings related to hair fall. Presence of chronic diseases can add on to the patients’ sufferings as well.
  3. Poor Nutrition: This remains to be one of the major attributes towards loss of hair. A poor diet can be fatal as per the opinion of hair transplantation experts and this can create havoc amongst the young aged population.

Addressing hair fall in young aged population:   The options for treatment

Experts who have successfully handled cases of hair fall especially amongst the young aged Indian population, suggests that there are a variety of treatment options. A preliminary consultation with renowned trichologists can help one to take a major step in addressing the problem immediately. In case you are interested to go for a surgical option, then hair transplantation remains to be the best possible solution to your case of bald scalp resulting from an excessive loss of hair. Hair transplantation remains to be minimally invasive and therefore proper precautions need to be taken in advance. There are different technologies applicable for conducting the process of hair transplantation. This includes:

  1. Follicular Unit Extraction: In this case, a healthy hair follicle is taken from donor area of the scalp or other part of the body, in order to be replaced in the recipient area.

  2. Follicular Unit Transplantation: In this case, hair transplantation needs to be done depending on the intensity and volume of the growth that the patient has.

  3. Plasma replacement method can be a justified process, in case, you are looking towards a non-invasive process to recover from the ailment of hair loss.

A detailed discussion with the doctor can help you to decide the best option for treatment till a large extent. However, trichologists might be required to take a detailed analysis of your generic health, in order to help you decide the best option beneficial in the long-run.   


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