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Smoking & Hair Loss

Smoking & Hair Loss

We all have heard about various harmful affects of smoking which include causing lung cancer, leading to early aging, darkening of skin, bad breadth, yellowish nails, tooth decay, cataract and not to forget leaving the smoker addictive for life. But are you aware that smoking can make you lose your hair too? Yes, it does.
As per a report of journal BMJ, out of the study being made on 600 men and women, half of them were found to be smokers. After controlling the other affecting variables, a significant link was found between smoking and hair loss.
Smoking Affecting Your Hair
Smoking can affect your hair in number of ways which are listed out below:
• Smoking can result in increment in release of DHT hormone inside your body. This leads to diminishing hairlines and loss of hair.
• Smoking can lead to premature graying of your hair.
• Smoking affects blood circulation, thereby, preventing new hair follicles from growing.
• Smoking also lead to decrease in Vitamin A and C inside your body.
• Smoking does affect your immune system in the negative way and thus affecting your hair in a way which is hard to recover from.
You should try foregoing smoking as soon as possible as it not only affects your hair and overall health, but, it also affects the atmosphere and people nearby.
As the long-term effect of smoking on your hair is not that easy to treat on your own, you would need the best hair transplant doctor to give you the best hair loss treatment in Lucknow.


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