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Hair Transplant in Bangalore – A Life Transforming Procedure

hair transplant in Bangalore

Most of us are quite aware of the causes and symptoms of baldness, now we are telling you about its only treatment, hair transplantation in Bangalore. As the city is itself is quite advanced in technology, hence the hair transplant treatment in Bangalore is very successful. This is the only treatment given for this because today it is the best and convenient treatment. The results are very good and faster than other methods giving immediate results.

In other ways, it takes a lot of time to grow hair and at the same time, it is less safe than it is. Your own hair is replaced from one place to another. The biggest thing is that this is a professional technique and shows 100 per cent results. Having a hair fall and baldness is one of the embarrassing and disgraceful things that can happen to anyone and at any age.


Baldness is common in both men and women, and it is caused by anxiety, pollution, genetic factors, scalp infection, smoking, and some other various reasons. But the important thing is that it should be addressed only at the beginning because of baldness. It does not occur suddenly in one night. Baldness is normally classified as male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness. Baldness is a condition when your hair starts falling on your own. New hair stops coming and old hair keeps falling slowly. With time you become bald that is the hair follicles die.

Men’s hair loss: Hair fall in men is found in the front hairline, on the forehead, and on the upper part of the head. Therefore it is a clear indication that people should be cautious. The best way to compare the condition of hair fall is to take pictures and compare them. Some concrete and early signs of baldness are detected when the hair on the forehead starts to thin and small while looking in the mirror.

male pattern baldness

Yes, the thinning of the hair is considered an early sign of baldness in men.   Hair appears to be slim when the hair follicle starts to become thin by hair shrinking. Therefore it is very important to monitor the initial symptoms of baldness and to take the necessary steps to solve this problem.

There is no particular symptom of baldness. Hair starts falling in very small numbers. That’s why no one knows when the beginning starts with local baldness, because in general, all of them have a lot of hair falling, but when the spherical empty space becomes visible on the body then it is detected.

Nevertheless, baldness of men’s patterns is very common, with two-thirds of men experiencing. In many cases, male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia is a determination of inherited condition that starts at any age. Androgenic alopecia occurs due to the increased levels of DHT hormones, which are produced by the testosterone hormone and 5 alpha-reductase of blood with the process of this enzyme.

Since women’s hair is longer than males, it is difficult to find the initial symptoms of baldness. The best option to know this situation is to keep an eye on hair brushes, pillow covers, and hair bands and see how many hairs fall. The loss of very large and uninterrupted hair leads to baldness and or at least the width of the partition increases. Therefore it is very important to keep an eye on any possible symptoms and to try to solve such a problem.

FUT hair transplant in Bangalore or strip method is the quite popular way in which hair follicles with tissues from the scalp with the hair from the back of the head is taken out and used in such a part where there is very little hair or no hair. After the removal of the skin part with the help of a knife, surgeons close the skin of the head with help of stitches. This area is covered with the surrounding hair immediately.


FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction or Root Extraction in Hair Transplant in Bangalore is another most trending method for hair transplant. The biggest advantage of this is that from the place where the hair is removed, there is no scar or marks. There is no trace of the surgery. It becomes normal within a few days and this technique is beneficial for those who want to keep their hair short.

After Hair Transplant treatment, you may have to take pain medicines and antibiotics for a few days. Your surgeon will give you a surgical dressing to wear on your head for a day or two. Most people return to work within two to five days of surgery. The results are generally satisfactory. Many times if your hair keeps falling or you need thick hair, you have to take some extra sessions.

The cost of the hair transplant in Bangalore depends on various factors. If you have any query contact us bangalore@evolveclinics.in


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